Angela Michael

Angela Michael

Media coach, presentation and rhetoric coach, presenter and TV journalist

Media and business coach

Angela Michael primarily coaches managers and politicians for professional appearances in front of a television camera. Further, she works with clients, who want to enhance their personal appearance and persuasiveness when speaking publicly, giving presentations, or leading negotiations. These include industrial companies, economic and service enterprises, scientists, as well as industry and business associations. She coaches TV presenters and also works as a presenter herself at conferences and panel discussions.

Angela Michael spent 12 years working in German television: editor in charge, writer, and TV presenter for the public channels ZDF and NDR as well as for private channels such as Radio Bremen and VOX. As a reporter, she has covered political, economic, cultural, and scientific topics. She is a certified communications, business, and mental coach. In 1999, she started freelancing as media and presentation coach. Her clients include, among others, the ARD.ZDF media academy.

Brief C.V.

2012 Further training in hypnotherapy: mental strengths in sports and performance situations

2008 Certification as wingwave® coach / Certification in systemic therapy and consulting (ISS)

2002/2003 Further training as business coach (NLP)

1999 Freelance media coach and certified communications coach, focussing on rhetoric, presentation, and negotiation training; personality coaching

1998 Freelance TV journalist for public channels NDR/ZDF and video producer

1992 Presenter, TV-journalist, writer for VOX („DIE ZEIT TV-Magazin”)

1989 TV-journalist and writer for Radio Bremen Television („buten un binnen”)

1987 Presenter and reporter for Radio Bremen Radio

1982 University degree in Modern German Literature, Art History,