„Deliver a clear and simple message“

Media Training

How you are perceived is crucial to your media success. Make successful appearances in the media, endowed with clear messages and positive as well as genuine charisma. Take advantage of the extensive coverage of your appearances in radio, television, and print media to further strengthen your company’s public image and thus also provide incentives for your employees. And last but not least, promote crisis prevention to ward off damage to your company’s reputation when faced with a critical situation.


Frequent sources of error

Insecurity – weakens the argument
Aloofness – creates a sense of detachment
Overt self-confidence – conveys arrogance

Intended audience

Managers, press officers, politicians, experts from science and industry – in short everyone who needs to successfully represent an organization in the media or speak in public at company events, talk to clients and journalists, give interviews and press conferences, appear on talk shows, panel discussions, road shows, conferences, or general meetings.

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